Friday, January 18, 2013

The younger half of She Is

Hi all you creative goddesses. Theresa here :) (daughter extraordinaire) . I know my lovely Mum (CJ) has already introduced herself in her usual classy broad style. I thought I would hop on board and add my bit of sass to the mix. CJ has laid down the law and said to work on a tutorial to share. I just wanted to say PHHHT! I'm working on it already MUM!
 All sass aside I am working on a dragonfly pendant tutorial and have progressed through starting pictures and notes for write up. Are you ready? Barring any major catastrophies, or Husband of Wonder wanting massive amounts of attention, I will have it up and posted by Sunday!
Until then , Creative Blessings! T

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  1. Ok BRAT..and just where do you figure you got the extraodinaire GENE from? Now let's have some fun with the new shops and our Blog.