Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something Old Something New Again

Welcome all to the brand new Blog "She Is", hope you all come back for many visits. 

This Blog will be dedicated to Women out there of all ages.  My daughter (Flight Fancy) and myself (Baroness Bijoutery) are combining our work in two new shops on Etsy.  We started out years ago with onc shop that we shared and it worked out very well.  Over the years we have opened our own shops and did well there also.  We  have now come full circle and are combining our work together again in these two new shops.

The first Shop will be "She Studio" and have lots of Handmade Jewelery, Hand Crocheted Items, Hair Pretties, and much more. A Shop dedicated to the Simple Pleasures that appeal to Girls and Women alike.   The items in this shop will bring you a giggle, a smile, a memory from years past.

The second of our new shops will be "Flounces".   This shop will be filled with Indulgence, Elegance,  Bridal and  Master Craftsman Home Decor.  All the jewelery is Handmade  by myself and my daughter.  Flight's stunning wire work is so wonderful and a true piece of Art.
I (Baroness) do alot of Wedding pieces, Evening pieces.  Flight and I both do Retro Elegance pieces that will take you back to the time of your Mother and Grandmother and their pieces you wore when playing "Dress Up". 

Please come join us on this wondrous journey.   Creative Spirit, Feminine Creativity, and lots of Sassy in these two shops. 

We are now in the process of setting the stores and trying to put items in them as fast as possible.  I will announce the opening of both Store when they are complete.  We hope that our followers from our other Blogs, Flight-Fancy  and Baroness-Bijoutery will come join us here .

Creative Blessing to All

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