Saturday, January 19, 2013

Creative Saturday

Photo: This sounds good to me. Happy Friday everyone.

Now what Beader or Crafter wouldn't love to hear these words?  No I'm not fool enough to believe I will ever hear them but what a Great Thought.  

This is the first weekend in awhile that "Husband of 'Wonder" isn't working. He is now off to his shop to work on some new turnings.   I will be working in my shop, I have a long long list of things I want to accomplish. 

1. Doing the laundry.
2. Cleaning up around the house.
3.  Working on Pictures.
4.  Loading items into the two new shops.
5.   Working on a new pair of Black and Silver evening Mitts.
6.   Working on the Blog.
7.  Working on a New Wedding piece idea I have for the Flounces Shop.

All of the above are on my list for today and will spill over into tomorrow and probably the first of the week...Oh such big plans and not enough hours in the day to do it all.    If I can at least get half of this done I will be a happy woman and ready for a long nap.  Don't you just hate when reality walks up and slaps you up side the head?

Everyone enjoy you Weekend and find some time for your creative self.

Till later then, Creative Blessings!  CJ

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. :) Sorry I didn't get to reply sooner but I've been off-line for awhile. :(
    Oh how I would love to have a hubby that would take my crafting seriously and volunteer to help around the house while I work on my projects. :D

    I have to agree with you about etsy being about the best site online for selling handcrafted items. Unfortunately most of the other "Good" sites all charge a monthly fee - the only up side to that is that it probably deters the resellers and made in China knock-offs. :P